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Located in Mumbai, Globex Computer Services or G.C.S. has specialization in offering all-inclusive Business Computer Solutions for the corporate as well as individual clients, who desire to be a part of the IT band wagon. The company was founded in 1999 as a service based company. The foundation stones were laid by our FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR -Ms. Neeta Pawani who is the SOLE PROPRIETOR of the company. Her leadership, vision, and devotion have greatly aided the company growth. Because of her, the company has progressed to become a Pvt. Ltd. Company with the name of INNOVATIVE KRISH PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. (IKPPL).

She taught the team that commitment equals good customer service and fulfillment. We are aware of the difficulties each of our customers faces with relation to their automated business processes because we have engaged seasoned business and information systems professionals. The speed at which technology is evolving today is one of the most difficult challenges. The Computer Industry has always measured development in terms of months or even years. Today, new developments in technology are announced DAILY and on numerous platforms. This makes it very challenging for someone outside of the computer industry to stay current on the best technological course for your business. However, there is a fix; as a test, ask yourself a straightforward question. Is it more crucial for you?

A) Recognize what the IT sector expects of you and what you anticipate from the sector.


B) Recognize the appropriate level of computer hardware, software, SECURITY, and INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS for your Online Business or Corporate Information Systems depending on YOUR needs.

The key is to be aware that your business has a resource that can give it access to product and technological knowledge that will result in useful solutions. The GCS / IKPPL Group invests time and money to make sure that when technology advances, we can communicate the information to you without any requirement of you spending numerous hours attempting to understand technical jargon. This frees up your time to focus on your constantly evolving business.

The GCS / IKPPL Group takes pleasure in offering "Turn Key, One Stop Solutions" for every one of our clients, thereby strengthening our position in the industry. We remove the ambiguity and blame-games associated with businesses that only offer just a part of the comprehensive solution which you need for automating your business, starting from setting up a stand-alone computer to the installation of 100 computers on a LAN or WAN setup; servicing, maintaining, or installing the cabling in the walls; till the arrangement of your Financial Reports.

We help our clients increase the productivity & profitability of their businesses by offering information systems products, services, as well as expertise.


We recognize that, as a Service Provider, you are not in the information systems industry and that dealing with a "computer system" is not something you should be putting your time and effort into. We essentially handled that. As a Team, we take great care to comprehend what each of our clients are attempting to achieve by automating their corporation. In addition, we spend endless hours learning about and researching the newest technologies that will help you achieve your objectives. Taking into account this knowledge, we take satisfaction in being able to offer a "One Stop Solution" for all of our client information systems requirements.

The Best Service, After Sales Service, And Quality Are Directly Combined With The Newest Technologies By GLOBEX COMPUTER SERVICES/IKPPL. In terms of video storage, live viewing, and online viewing, our technology has made significant strides. Our global manufacturers and suppliers enable the newest technology at reasonable pricing. In order to deliver the finest SPY, CCTV, or security solutions for every single customer, our qualified specialists will provide the appropriate advise to our customers. We will provide you with the top options based on your unique requirements.

Our products are of great quality, and we also provide excellent professional service. Our work is done neatly, competently, and with consideration for your property. All items may be sent by courier services, and our network is global. We are glad to provide simple-to-use goods with excellent technical assistance and take great pleasure in our high customer satisfaction ratings.


  • GSM PRODUCTS: Dealing in GSM / GPRS Trackers, Mobile Jammers, Signal Boosters, Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kit.
  • SPY PRODUCTS: Dealing in all kinds of hidden Cameras either readymade or Customized as our customer needs are different. They might need SPY Cameras, NANNY Cameras, GSM Bugs, Voice Recorders, Lens Detectors.
  • CABLES, CONNECTORS, ADAPTORS, SWITCHES & SPLITTERS: All kinds of HDMI Cables, Switches Splitters and HD TV Adaptors.
  • CORPORATE GIFTING & FANCY USB PRODUCTS: All Kinds of FANCY USB PRODUCTS for Corporate Giftings are available.
  • SECURITY PRODUCTS: All CCTV Cameras including SOLAR Empowered CCTV Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Bio-Metric Time Attendance, Mobile DVR Systems, Vehicle Mounted Systems.
  • HI-TECH PRODUCTS: Power Banks, Wifi Power Banks, Solar Power Banks, Endoscopic Cameras, Wifi Repeaters, Digital Picture Frames.
  • MULTI MEDIA PRODUCTS: Mini USB Projectors, Mobile Accessories, Digital MP4 Cards.
  • FANCY PEN DRIVES: All Kinds of pen drives are available. Bulk orders accepted.
  • LED AND OTHER PRODUCTS: All Kinds of Face plates, Women Safety products Batons, and LED Products.

A Brief Description Of All The Products

Due to the current security scenario in and around our area, it is crucial that we prepare both internally and internationally by taking control of the situation. I have the chance to help you because of this. Please review the PowerPoint presentation I emailed you. It will help you understand what my business does. Because we have so many items available, I can boldly claim that WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY WITH MORE THAN 100 OR SO SECURITY items to assist you in protecting your home, loved ones, and neighborhood from attackers.

We are importers of cutting-edge SPY products, which are booming in the market right now thanks to their excellent functioning, lack of maintenance requirements, and usage of top-notch goods by our manufacturers as raw materials for production. To provide our customers with high-quality items that they have always wanted to acquire, each individual item created in our facilities has successfully completed a battery of testing. Not only do we offer spy items, but we also have a wide range of other things that will captivate your interest and leave you speechless. YES!!! With full authority and pride, we can state: 

Our products are VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

A further area of expertise for GLOBEX COMPUTER SERVICES / IKPPL is the sale, installation, and implementation of all products for customers.

Before You Are Our Customer, You Are Qualified By Us. 

We are not scared to make what could seem to be a rather big claim. Having worked in this field for a long time, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we can use to help you choose a software solution that will suit both your short and long-term objectives. The first and most crucial thing to remember is that you are fully normal for your everyday routine. This may greatly disadvantage you (the Buyer) while purchasing an SECURITY PRODUCT for your business. Remember that while a method could be standard operating procedure for you, it might not be for everyone else in your organization. Your firm is special, and you take particular actions that provide you a competitive advantage. By using our consultation service, you may either become our next Happy Customer or decide not to use our services at all, but you will still be glad to know you did not choose the wrong item from us.

As we put ourselves at the centre of solving the issue, we also provide one-call assistance. You may learn how this ideal working environment can benefit you from GCS / IKPPL. We inform you of the new features that are included in the most recent release of each product as they become available from the OS System Developers. We also make sure that the newest product is stable and that it is compatible with and is supported by existing hardware. In order to strengthen Globex Computer Services, we seek out and keep relationships with businesses that share our business philosophies. We believe that a team approach to conducting business is one that benefits everyone involved and has helped us all reach the industry standings we have today. This includes our customers, as well as developers, manufacturers, and other industry professionals.

Quality Standards: We have put our complete product line through rigorous testing and found it to be dependable, user-friendly, high-quality, and up to the most recent standards.

Prior to being considered for sale, every product must pass our 7 step quality test.

  • Visual Appearance.
  • Overall Quality.
  • Durability.
  • Functionality.
  • Audio / Video Quality.
  • User Friendly Products.
  • User Manual Check.

We provide a single point of contact for assistance as we force ourselves to get to the bottom line in having the problem fixed or resolved.

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